Welcome! I am so excited for you to use the FOOD FREEDOM app and help yourself ditch diet culture, cultivate a healthier lifestyle and finally enjoy a much easier relationship with food and your body. 

Here, you'll find some FREE resources designed to help you get the most out
of the app.

Enjoy them as my thanks and gift to you.

xo Sarah
FREE Access - Unleash Your Animal
Get free access to my life-changing 5-part training called the Unleash Your Animal Experience. Here is a link where you can create an account and get instant access to the training and worksheets.
Download my Recipe Guide
Get over 90 easy, tasty recipes made with real and simple ingredients. Almost all recipes are gluten- and sugar-free.
Free Facebook Group
This group is open to anyone seeking motivation and support along their journey towards greater health+energy and we are an inclusive group.
Printable Food-Mood Journal
Sometimes it's nice to do things with a pen and paper. Here is a simplified and printable version of the Food Mood Journal.
Live a life of freedom around food, weight, and your body without restricting, sacrificing, dieting, or feeling deprived.
Inside this membership, I share it all and hold NOTHING back about how I helped myself cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship of trust and respect with my body that's changed everything in my life and in the lives of the clients I serve. I am so excited to share it all with YOU!
The One Bite At A Time (OBAAT) Membership
Join me inside the OBAAT Membership, where you'll be able to naturally and effortlessly change your mindset so that you'll never, ever feel the need to go on a diet again. You’ll learn how diets are designed to fail and how they keep us coming back (and feeling like WE failed); how to cultivate a deep relationship of trust and respect with yourself; strategies to curb cravings; easy recipes to tempt your taste buds while nourishing your body; a greater understanding of how food "works"; the “problem” of sugar (and how to enjoy it guilt- and shame-free!); ways to optimize your energy, and how to truly, deeply LOVE your life and the lifestyle you live every day.

Imagine what life would FEEL like if you:

  • Didn’t obsess over every calorie or counting points, fat grams or “macros”
  • Actually enjoyed cooking and eating food
  • Could eat out at a restaurant without the swirling thoughts around, “What should I order?”
  • Woke up every day feeling at HOME in your body
  • Felt proud of yourself and the choices you’ve made in your life 
  • Had boundless energy
  • Felt SANE (instead of shame) around food
  • Felt confident in the kitchen
  • Could stop worrying about what other people think and just… BE.
What's In The Membership?

Phase 1

This is your entry point; the place to begin your journey towards food freedom. We’ll cover the basics, I’ll share how I came to be doing this work, and I’ll introduce you to the concepts that will start to create the shifts we need to keep going.

Recipes and Cooking Demos

Mouth-watering recipes (for all ages, budgets and eating styles) that I’ll be sharing from my kitchen that will leave you energized and ready-to-go!

Phase 2

We begin to see our bodies in a whole new way.It’s a paradigm shift, so we need to have the foundation of Phase 1 laid before we can take in this next level. Once we do, our lives will never be the same again – we will never again be able to see our bodies the way we once did. It’s awesome, and I can’t wait for you to experience it.

Nothing But The Best

Tips, strategies, and tools that will build your confidence and help you to find freedom along the way. These are all of the BEST things I've discovered over the last 2 decades of my health journey that have really moved the needle for me, and I know they will do the same for you.

Phase 3

We go deep into the issue of sugar, food, nutrition, and dive deeper into what I call 'the 5 pillars of health'. When we raise our awareness in these areas, we begin to effortlessly make the choices that promote our best health and energy.

Guest Experts

We'll have guest speakers join us LIVE in the group teaching only the BEST of what's worked for them, as well as giving plenty of time to answer any questions you may have about the topic. Recordings will be available as well.

Phase 4

This is where we go through my 12 week coaching program (that previously sold for $497!) and deepen our understanding around how we use food, how we spend our time, the dreams we have for our lives, and we cultivate strategies and leverage tools that will help us to never, ever go back to where we were. It’s awesome! And I can’t wait for you to experience it.


Get access to a private community of like-minded people on the same path. You will get to connect with each other at any time of day and share stories, inspiration, motivation, ask questions, and (if desired) receive accountability from others.

Weekly Q&A

Every week, we will have a live Q&A where I will answer any questions you may have about your specific needs or how to implement any of the trainings in the membership.

And More!

We'll be adding elements like Moving Conversations, weekly features, special challenges, immersive experiences, weekend retreats, downloads, and much more as we grow this membership... together.
Let me know if these helped you and what you would like to see added in the future :)
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