The Food Freedom App - Now Available!
Available for download on the App Store and Google Play.
If you've had ENOUGH of weighing, portioning, counting, shaming, judging, restricting, DIETING, then this simple food-mood tracker might just become your new favorite tool in your toolbox! 

Let’s face it: diets don’t work. And neither does beating ourselves up over what we ate yesterday or last week or last year. The only time is NOW and the Food-Mood Journal, which is the crux of the FOOD FREEDOM app, is a place for you to track what you’re eating and how it leaves you feeling. That’s it! It’s that simple. 

The way to ditch diet culture is to embrace FOOD FREEDOM! When we can correlate what we're eating with the way we're feeling, everything changes. It means we never “go on” or “go off” anything ever again! By raising our awareness around how our choices leave us feeling, we never have to weigh ourselves, measure ourselves, count calories, fat grams, points or macros; we just get to eat food and enjoy our lives… in peace. 

It means we fall more in love with ourselves every day. Because the better we treat ourselves, the better we feel, and when we feel better, we naturally want to treat ourselves with care, with respect, with love. 

Food Freedom is the answer. And the FOOD FREEDOM app is the way. 

Welcome home to your body… and your life. 

Sarah Roberts
Certified Health Coach
Chapter 2: The Creation
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